Sunday, October 17, 2010

How To Clone MMJ (aeroponic style)

There are many ways to clone plants.  For me, this method proved to be easiest and most successful (100% success rate!). 

What you will need:

an 'Easy Cloner' areoponic cloner (home-made or store bought)
Sharp clippers
Rubbing alcohol & paper towel
Cloning gel (I use RooTech)
Healthy plant

Step 1:  Prepare your water in your cloner.  Add hormones (Super Thrive) then Check and balance your PH so it's somewhere between 5.5-6.5 (I balance mine to 5.8).

Step 2:  Sterilize your clippers using the rubbing alcohol and paper towel.  This is important so you don't spread fungus or disease you may not even know is there.

Step 3:  Pick a healthy branch and cut it at a 45* angle at least 3 nodes down from the top.

Step 4:  Trim the bottom leaves. Shave the skin down on the bottom of the stalk without shaving it completely off.  You want to create a ledge for the cloning gel to sit in.

Step 5:  Dip the end in the cloning gel at least 1/2 an inch and place in in your neoprene and then in your cloner.

Step 6:  Wait for roots.  Be sure to check the PH often and adjust if any problems.  You should start seeing some real root action within 5 days.  I've seen it in as little as 2!  Because the clippings are not in a humidity dome, it's perfectly ok to mist them a couple times a day with plain water or even with Super Thrive as a foliar.

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